a number plus itself, plus twice itself, plus 4 times itself is equal to -104

The scenario will will be represented by: [tex]x+x+2x+4x=-104[/tex]The number will be -13Step-by-step explanation:We have to convert the given situation into the mathematical formLet x be the numberThen"a number plus itself"x+x"plus twice itself"x+x+2x"plus 4 times itself"x+x+2x+4x"is equal to -104"[tex]x+x+2x+4x=-104[/tex]This can also be written as:[tex]x+x+2x+4x=-104\\8x=-104\\Dividing\ both\ sides\ by\ 8\\\frac{8x}{8}=\frac{-104}{8}\\x=-13[/tex]Keywords: Linear EquationLearn more about linear equation at:brainly.com/question/2150928brainly.com/question/2154850#LearnwithBrainly
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