Directions: Answer the following questions by selecting the letter of the comect answer. Write the letter of the correct answer in your answer sheet. Show your solutions. 1. From the top of the house 8 meters high, you see a dog on the ground. The angle of depression of the dog is 60° How far is the dog from the house? A. 4 meters B. 5 meters C. 4.62 meters D. 5, 26 moters 2. An airplane is at 90 meters high above the ground and is ready to land to the airport. Its distance from its position to the airport is 700 meters. What is the angle of depression? A、 7.9 ° B. 7.39 ° c. 8 ° D. 8 68 ° at point A is 3. A weather balloon is at 100 meters high above the ground. Its angle of elevation from one scientist 25 ° between the two observers? and from other scientist at point B, the angle of elevation is 55 ° . What is the distance A. 284.47 meters B. 290 meters C. 310 meters D. 248 meters 4. A zip-line is to be constructed with the design specification as shown in Figure 11. Estimate the minimum leng A. 630 feet B. Figure 11 5. A surveyor is assigned to measure the actual distance between point A and point B as shown in Figure 12. The two locations are displaced where there are existing buildings, structures, and park between them. The surveyor decided to make use of drone to perform the task. He planned to hover the drone at 500 meters above the ground and measure the angles of depression to point A and to point B using computer application. The measured angles of depression are alpha A=15 ° and alpha B=25 ° espectively. What is distance between location A and location B? Figure 12 A. 2,938.28 meters B. 3,138.28 meters C. 2,839. 3 meters D. 3.3 km

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